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Zahrat Al Rawdah Pharmacies

Zahrat Al Rawdah Pharmacies is recognized as one of Saudi’s uncontested leading provider of health and personal care products. A success story that began with one pharmacy established in 1996 with first pharmacy at Al Rawdah District, Riyadh City, from here we took our name.
Since that time Zahrat Al Rawdah pharmacies gone from strength to another to fulfill the need of our customers.

The group is now one of Major Corporation driving the country’s healthcare sector. With nearly 22 years of experience serving the Saudi community.

Zahrat al Rawdah Pharmacies is pleased to answer your questions on the following E-mail:

Zahrat Al Rawodah Pharmacies has an ambitious plan to cement its leadership across the country and the Region.

  • Zahrat Al Rawdah has more than 150+ pharmacies in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Kharj, Al Zulfy & Al Dawadmy.
  • Zahrat Al Rawdah still remaining committed to making a difference in people lives
  • The goal at Zahrat Al Rawdah is to spread good health and meaningful value to all four corners of Saudi Arabia.